Commercial Photo Gallery

Mess Left Behind from water line break.

This is standing water caused by a water line break. Slowly the floor is breaking and lifting from the original man made damage. Floods tend to exploit every crack or groove to make matters worse.

Water damaged in a business

This was caused by water damaged in a local business's hallway.  As you can see, the baseboard is coming apart!  SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Counties  leap into action and saved the day!  We make it like it "never even happened."  

When tenants Leave a Mess

In addition to fire and water damage remediation, we also offer general cleaning services.  Here, a local landlord needed some help after tenants moved out. SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland counties came to the rescue!  

Saving the nursery

A local church needed our help after water damaged several rooms, including their nursery class.  SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland counties brought out our air movers and dehumidifiers to help restore this congregation's place of worship.  

Mold is bad for business

This Ashland Ohio business sustained water damage and unfortunately had developed a mold problem in their ceiling.  Luckily for them, SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland counties was able to remediate the mold and get them back on their feet.  

Grease Fire Ignites Restaurant Kitchen

A few weeks ago a local restaurant owner called us in a panic.  When his staff went into his restaurant early in the morning to begin preparations they turned on their fryer to warm it up.  

Without warning some grease near the fryers caught fire and started the kitchen burning!  Luckily the fire department was able to stop the fire before the restaurant became a total loss, but as you can see there was still an incredible amount of smoke and soot damage.

In the left part of the photo you can see what the sheet rock looked like prior to cleaning.  On the right shows what the sheet rock looked like after our cleaning.

Commercial Water Damage – Richland County Office Building

Commercial water damage struck this commercial building in Richland County when a pipe burst over the weekend. The ensuing water damage was discovered by the cleaning crew, and we received a call from the facilities manager very quickly. We responded on an emergency basis, and we were cleaning up water within an hour of the call.

Commercial Water Damage- Richland County Ohio

Commercial water damage occurred at this Ohio retail phone store when the fire retardant sprinkler system failed. SERVPRO was called for water clean up services and to dry the affected surfaces. We also provided preventative mold services to the areas that had been exposed to moisture. If water damage intrudes on your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Counties at (419) 207-8449. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

Commercial Water Damage At A North Richland County, Ohio Medical Facility

Our crew at SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Countyreceived a call regarding water damage to a North Richland CountyMedical Facility. Our technicians deployed quickly and started the water damage restoration process immediately. In order to dry the wall on the other side which had cabinets, we had to cut into the wall cavity. We strategically placed high-speed air movers in the area where the damage was to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Our experts implemented advanced restoration and cleaning tools to restore the property to pre-damage condition. Our team at SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Co. takes pride in making it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Damage In Mansfield Ohio

Whether your business is a big box store, a small business building, a restaurant, or a hotel SERVPRO is ready to assist you. We have the experience, training, certification, and equipment to handle any situation. Mold, fire, or water damage can happen anytime day or night; this is why SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Co. provides 24-hour emergency service. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns

(419) 207-8449.

Commercial Water Damage Richland Co.

Commercial water damage occurred at this Ashland County office facility when a water line to the restroom ruptured. We were able to provide water extraction quickly and set up the commercial air movers and dehumidifiers that were necessary to dry the affected area all without interrupting the staff from carrying out their work.