Community Photo Gallery

Hotel Damage in Mansfield Ohio

This hotel room had some damage to it due to a toilet supply line break. We needed to remove all the beds and furniture but the carpet looks great after it was extracted and cleaned.

SERVPRO of North Richland & Ashland County are proud sponsors of Liederkranz 05 State Soccer Team !

SERVPRO of North Richland & Ashland  Counties are proud sponsors of Mansfield Liederkranz soccer club . Jamieson's 05 State soccer team. These young athletes are always a pleasure to watch on the pitch. Their hard work and dedication shows on the field. 

Good Luck On your Season Team !!!

SERVPRO of Ashland and Richland County helping in an area school

Trisha Putt marketer at SERVPRO of Ashland and Richland county helps serves school lunch one day a week.

Mansfield St.Peter's Schools is a private school here in Mansfield, Ohio .The school relies on volunteers to help in many areas for the school to succeed.

Community involvement and education are important to us. When we asked Trisha " What is your favorite part of helping at the school"

Her response was" The children are the best. It amazes me how kind and polite these kids are. Each time they greet you as they are appreciative that you take the time to be there"