Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Kitchen home fire.

This was the aftermath of a house fire that affected everything in this Richland County home. The fire started in the kitchen when the homeowners was cooking dinner on the stove. Because the homeowner had a lot of items on the counters and all throughout the home, the fire quickly jumped from item to item. When the fire was finally put out, there was a significant amount of fire, smoke and soot damage.  

Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire when SERVPRO arrived on site. There was a significant amount of ashes that affected the counter tops as well as the customer's personal contents. 


This picture of a residence shows visible mold growth on a wall. The homeowners were very concerned with the effects it could have on their health. However, the highly trained professionals at SERVPRO were able to safely & effectively remediate the mold. 

Water Damage

This is a picture of a moisture reader clearly showing the high levels of moisture being detected in the flooring. Notice also that there is standing water present. SERVPRO completed the water mitigation.

An example of SERVPRO Cleaning Products

Here is just a sample of how well the cleaning products from SERVPRO can clean a heavily damaged home due to fire and smoke. Learn more about fire damage by visiting our fire page

We value our customers

SERVPRO of  North Richland and Ashland Co. strives for customer service. 

We are here in your time of need. This customers home was damaged due to a tornado. I will never forget the feeling I had when we meet this family for the first time. This family became part of our family here at SERVPRO of North Richland and Ashland Co.

This banner that is shown in this picture was displayed at the home for a thank you party that was thrown for our crew. 

Such a great afternoon! Knowing that we made a difference in their life.